YAC’s Are Back…

Following discussions with bowlers and in a consultation with all Group Sub-committees (and in line with the Constitution (5.1.1), the Executive has established a YAC Sub-committee, assigned and mandated, to administer activities of the 19 – 24 year old bowler age group within the ITBA.

Its initial term of office will be until the next AGM in April 2017 and its appointed members are as follows:

Chairperson: Sarah Dunne
Secretary:     Ciaran Watts
Treasurer:     Eoghain Lebioda
Members:      Roslyn Moore
Stephen Dunne
Adam Martin

The Executives and all Group Sub-committees welcome and are fully supportive of this initiative.  The YAC Sub-committee will also play a pivital role in assisting and facilitating bowlers in making as smooth a transition as possible from Junior bowling to Adult bowling. Finally, the Executive offers its best wishes and full support to the YAC Sub-committee which will shortly publish its own YAC Ranked events schedule for the 2016-2017 season.

To view the YAC Eligibility Criteria, visit the Forms & Documents area.