ITBA Senior Grand Prix 2020 (Completion delayed due to Covid) – Results

It’s been a long time coming but we were finally able to complete the Covid delayed 2020 Senior Grand Prix Great in Leisureplex Charlestown yesterday.

We would like to congratulate all the Seniors on making the Grand Prix, and congratulations to the winners.

Ladies Winners – Maeve O’Reilly (Handicap) and Anita Watts (Scratch)

Mens Winners – Jim Donagh (Handicap) and Tom Byrne (Scratch)  

It was a long day but very exciting with some very close head-to-head matches and 3 of the 4 finals coming down to the last game, which was great to see.

Our thanks go to Grainne, Peter and the team in Leisureplex Charlestown for their support in planning the event, on the day and in working with us to make sure the oil pattern selected would play as expected, and it did, thanks also to Brian. This was the first event of the season where the overall scoring returned to what we would expect normally.

The event did run over time, which is something we need to factor in for future events, but as one senior bowler remarked – we don’t play as quick as the young guys!!!

As I’ve said, there were a few hiccups that were down to me, lessons to be learnt, but it’s only when one is hands on, do you see the work it takes to run the seniors without a full team support network.

Thankfully some Seniors have offered to help. Which is a great relief and we will be in contact with them shortly.

Our thanks go to Yvonne, Theresa, and Tom for the work they have put in over the years. They truly deserve our thanks and appreciation.

Final results for all sections are available on the ITBA Web / Senior tab.

Full Round Robin head-to-head match results will be included in the Senior Newsletter update to follow.

ITBA Senior Grand Prix 2019/20 – Qualifiers and Event Details

Congratulations to all the qualifiers for the Covid delayed Senior Grand Prix 2019/20.

We look forward to a great day in Leisureplex Charlestown on Sunday November 7th, see full details available on the Event notice (click here) .

Check-in times

Handicap – 08:30 to 08:50 – bowling starts 09:00 a.m.

Scratch – 11.00 to 11.20 – bowling starts 11.30 a.m.

If any qualifier feels, for any reason, they may be unable to participate in the Grand Prix, please make contact with Joe Ridgeway without delay to allow us to arrange a reserve with as much notice as possible.

ITBA Senior Touring League 2021/22 – Event 2 Results

It’s hard to believe we’ve now played the first 2 events of the season, how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself as another 38 bowlers played in Leisureplex Coolock on Sunday.

The long lockdown still appears to be holding the scores down but this is far outweighed by the opportunity to get out to bowl and socialise.

Ladies Winners – Margaret McConkey (Handicap) and Anita Watts (Scratch)

Mens Winners – Jim Donagh ( Handicap) and Haulie Storan (Scratch)  

Full Event 2 results, updated Rankings and Grand Prix Standings available on the ITBA Web / Senior tab.

Next Event(s)

Senior Grand Prix Finals 2019/20  – Leisureplex, Charlestown – 7th November 2021  – List of qualifiers will be posted next week.

ITBA Match Play 2021

The ITBA Team Ireland Match Play will take place in Leisureplex Coolock on October 22nd and 23rd.

The event will be played on the Bourbon Street pattern. Bowlers will play 5 games to determine the top 32 finalists. All seeding will be based off Qualifying scores. The highest seed player will play the lowest seed player ( 1v32 / 2v31 / 3v30 etc.). Bowlers will then break off into their groups and then bowl 2 game Total Matchplay with cut to top 16. The highest seed player will play the lowest seed player over 2 games with cut to top 8. The highest seed player will play the lowest seed player over 2 games with cut to top 4. The highest seed player will play the lowest seed player over 2 games with cut to top 2. The final match will again be over 2 games.

Handicap will be based on 80% of 210 based on highest average as provided & confirmed.
Ties will be decided by high last game.

Click here for the online entry form.

ITBA Senior Touring League 2021/22 – Event 1 Results

Great turnout in Leisureplex Blanchardstown with 42 bowlers for Event 1 of the Senior Singles Touring League 2021/22.

The scoring was low across the whole field,  Very tough conditions on the morning or perhaps it may be that we are all a littly rusty after the long COVID break.

Ladies Winners – Margaret McConkey (Handicap) and Lorraine Keane (Scratch)

Mens Winners – Liam O’Rafferty ( Handicap) and Ken Foley (Scratch)  

Full Event 1 results, updated Rankings and Grand Prix Standings available on the ITBA Web / Senior tab.

Next Event(s)

Senior Singles Touring League – Event 2  – Leisureplex, Coolock – 17th October 2021 


As was said in the May 2020 newsletter we will also complete the Senior Tour 2019/20 season (that missed out the final 2 events) by double counting the scores/points for Grand Prix purposes from each of the first two 2021/22 season events, which will then allow us to run the Senior Grand Prix 2019/20 Final.

Earlier this year In July, as we planned for the return to bowling, we announced that this 2019/20 Grand Prix final entrance fee would also be Free of Charge for those who qualify.

 The Grand Prix Final 2019/20 is scheduled for 7th November in Charlestown

So, with the results from STL Event 1 (October 3rd in Blanchardstown) now added and with one more event to run ( Event 2 – October 17th in Coolock), you can see the Grand Prix scratch and handicap standings for the 2019/20 Season and also for the current 2021/22 season.

Open position on the ITBA Executive.

The ITBA Executive Committee are currently looking for a member to fill the role of Executive Secretary until the next AGM in April 2022. This opening has arisen upon the resignation on September 6th of the secretary appointed at the 2021 AGM.

For further detail please visit the Executive Forms & Documents or click here.

Ball Drilling Specifications

The ITBA would like to remind members that the rules regarding Ball Weight and Drilling have been amended due to a mandatory change introduced by the USBC/IBF/ETBF.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 we had extended the initial introduction of this new ruling but feel there has been enough time since August 2020 for bowlers to make sure their equipment complies with the current specifications.

For full details visit the General Information tab or click here.

ITBA 2021 Annual General Meeting

** REMINDER ** The ITBA AGM 2021 will be held on Tuesday, August 31st at 7.30pm via ZOOM. You must register by mailing by 27th August 2021.

The ITBA 2021 AGM was scheduled to take place in April but had to be postponed due to ongoing public health COVID-19 restrictions.

A virtual AGM 2021 will be held on Tuesday, August 31st at 7.30pm. For full agenda, nomination papers and details, visit the Executive Forms & Documents page.

If you wish to take part in the virtual AGM 2021, you must email by 27th August 2021. We will then email you a ZOOM link together with details on how to join the AGM, the procedures for voting at the AGM and the procedure for attendees to communicate questions and comments during the AGM. All Reports will also be available, on request by email, before the AGM.